NO, We are a private facility who is unable to provide OHIP services. Major cuts have been made to OHIP funded physiotherapy. Currently those covered are of the ages 18 and under or 65 and above or if you have received any recent surgery. To find out more about OHIP funded clinics please visit the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

No, a doctor’s referral is not required to see our therapists. Depending upon the details of your extended health plan, you may require a prescription to claim to your Health Insurance Company to reimburse you.

The number of sessions depends on the nature, severity and history of the problem, as well as the patient’s energy level. In acute cases, several sessions held in close succession are necessary. In chronic cases, treatments are less frequent and continue until the patient’s health status is stabilized. Improvements are usually noticed by the third to fifth visit.

Yes, most of the health benefit plans will cover your physiotherapy treatment. We recommend that you contact your plan provider for complete details.

Some health plans offer a “direct-pay option”, which means we can bill your health insurance directly and they will pay our physiotherapy clinic directly. Other plans do not offer this option, which means you need to pay up front for your therapy and submit to your plan for reimbursement.

YES, you may be eligible for our Shuttle services if you are a Motor Vehicle Accident patient and require transportation to and from therapy due to your injuries. Please contact our clinic for details.

YES, Our Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists are registered with their governing Colleges in the Province of Ontario and their registration numbers will appear on your account statement for Extended Health Insurance reimbursement purposes.

Yes, you can receive physiotherapy at any clinic of your choose. You should ensure that the person delivering your care is a registered physiotherapist and is in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.